Before starting Growth MSP, we built up a network of 6 different business technology companies operating in both the UK and the US. Between them they supply a range of services to small and medium sized business including managed IT support, business telecoms, managed print, and digital marketing. 

Our Story So Far

Our first MSP business was started in 2009. Co-founder Jeremy Huson and I had been working as self-employed IT engineers serving small businesses in the South of England. After meeting each other onsite via a mutual client, we decided to start our own IT support company. 

Originally operating from a small, single room office, we steadily grew our client base, and over the next few years we also began to recruit more team members. We later expanded the scope of the services we offered, from hardware repair and managed IT to the emerging field of business telecoms technology. We also branched out of IT into the field of business telecoms and began supplying our clients with managed VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) solutions.

Two years later, our team had increased to over a dozen people, and we had moved into a newer, larger office and continued to grow our business over the next decade. 

Realising the potential to expand the client base beyond the UK, co-founder Jeremy Huson moved to New York in 2017 and set up a US branch of our company in downtown Manhattan. Providing the same great managed IT services to clients in the New York City area.

In 2018, Scott Dunkerton was promoted to Director and several divisions of our business were spun out into their own companies. With the range of services and locations expanding, we founded an umbrella company. Today that company operates 6 different IT-related businesses. These are… 

  • A UK-based managed IT provider 
  • A US-based managed IT provider 
  • A business telecoms, VoIP, and broadband supplier 
  • A managed print service 
  • A WiFi hotspot company 
  • A website development and digital marketing agency

What Has Made Our MSP Businesses Successful?

Overall, what has made our businesses successful has been building great partnerships and carefully recruiting a team who give great services and honest information to our clients. Day by day what keeps us successful is the strength of our logistics. We successfully manage a team of over a dozen engineers assisting clients both remotely and on-premises. This requires a large amount of scheduling, training, and oversight to ensure that things run smoothly, but with experience it’s something we have come to excel at.

How Growth MSP’s Mentorship Can Help You Scale Your MSP Business

Having built a series of successful MSP businesses over the past decade and half, we are in a prime position to offer you support, advice, and logistical assistance. Whatever stage your MSP is at, our experience helps inform what do next (and what NOT to do). Whether you have a tricky business decision, a majorly daunting project, a hiring conundrum, or a skills gap – there’s a good chance that one of our mentors has been through something similar and can give you excellent, real-word advice.

If your MSP is in needs a professional mentor, speak to us today.


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