MSP Sales Mentoring

Price is always a difficult conversation to have, whether it’s with new or existing clients. There will always be cheaper MSPs out there but communicating exactly how you add value will be key to winning clients and maintaining relationships.  

Our team of mentors at Growth MSP can help you build a pricing framework which provides value to your clients still staying profitable. 

You probably don’t find managing a sales organisation the most fascinating aspect of your job as an MSP. But the truth is that a successful MSP firm requires a strong sales team. Our mentors can help bring their decades of experience in MSP sales and customer relationship management. Our sales mentoring focuses on three key elements…

Building An Ideal Customer Profile

The goal of selling managed services is typically to develop long-term, contractually structured support relationships with clients. So, finding the right clients is key to your continued success. 

How many users does your ideal client employ? How many devices are there in their IT infrastructure? What is the minimum amount of IT spend per month for a client to be worth supporting? We help you understand the answers to these questions in order to help you stay profitable without taking on more work than your team can handle at this point.

Building Your Sales Funnel

A crucial part of managing a managed services company is developing a robust MSP sales process. Even the most technically proficient company can miss its growth goals if it doesn’t make the necessary sales investments or lets potential profitable clients drop out of the sales funnel. 

Our sales experts provide you guidance on a tried-and-tested MSP sales process they’ve used to secure high-value clients. This sales process includes… 

  • Generating leads from relevant businesses which match your ideal customer profile. 
  • Qualifying those leads with a phone or email conversation to ensure they are genuine. 
  • Building a proposal which details your MSP services fully, but which can be understood by the layperson. 
  • Dealing with questions, concerns, or other stumbling blocks that can get between a customer and a sale. 
  • Up-selling other services or products.
  • Following up regularly to ensure customer satisfaction.

Building A Great Sales Team

If you’re business has just started or has been growing, you might have been handling sales yourself or gaining new clients through word of mouth. However, to take your MSP to the next level of success you will likely need to hire team members who are solely focused on sales. 

It’s not simple to find and manage the proper salespeople for your company, especially for business owners whose expertise is in technical services rather than sales and management. 

If you find the right sales team, set their commission appropriately, and have an effective sales funnel – you can grow your business much faster than you would expect. 

Our mentors can help you train your sales team and work with them to develop an effective sales funnel.

Need Help Making More Sales?

Your area of expertise as an MSP is managed IT services, but if you want to be a successful MSP, you need to find the right clients. This calls for a methodical approach to creating and overseeing your sales process. The methods we have listed above, in combination with our mentorship and advice will improve this challenging but crucial aspect of operating an MSP company. Speak to our team today to learn more.
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