Batch Scripts

Person under 25 says: what the hell are batch scripts?

Me: batch scripts still have a place in the IT world. I use them every day. Sometimes, if it’s achievable without Powershell, it is quicker to put together in a batch script.

In this library, we bring you some batch scripts old and new, that you may find useful in your MSP, especially for self-resolution inside your RMM.

December 14, 2022Batch Scripts 6320

Change PST Limit to 100GB

Want an easy want to increase a PST limit to 100GB? Just use this script! 

Microsoft Outlook will no longer work once a PST or OST hits its 50GB limit. Often, the cause of this is a large “Deleted Items” folder. Luckily, this can be easily fixed with a simple registry change. 

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July 19, 2022Batch Scripts 6180

Our MSP And Our Journey

Before starting Growth MSP, we built up a network of 6 different business technology companies operating in both the UK and the US. Between them they supply a range of services to small and medium sized business including managed IT support, business telecoms, managed print, and digital marketing. 

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