MSP Project Mentoring

Managing large projects can be daunting for some MSPs, especially if they have mainly been dealing with small scale, day-to-day IT issues up until that point. However, large projects become a lot less intimidating if they are carefully planned and then executed by a professional team who each know what role they need to play in its success. Technical knowledge, effective communication, and the right hardware and software all play their part in delivering a large project for your customer on time and on budget. 

Do you have a large-scale IT project that’s giving you a headache? Maybe you’ve had to turn down IT work in the past because the scope of it was just outside what your team could provide? Our dedicated team of managed IT professionals can help you plan and execute large IT projects quickly, securely, and profitably.

Having A Process Is Key

Large IT projects require a more formal project management approach than smaller ones do since they are riskier, more complicated, and generally have a larger budget. When it comes to project management procedures, many smaller MSPs will try and improvise and work things out as they go. Unless they are incredibly lucky, they end up dealing with the consequences of that lack of planning as a result. If you are undertaking a large IT project, you need a plan. 

Don’t rely on luck. Get professional MSP help instead.

One Off Project Management

If there’s a large project on the horizon, our team can work with you to spearhead its management and delivery. Our whole team has experience with complicated IT projects for business of all sizes, including…

  • Migrating a business’s data from on-premises to the cloud (including Azure and AWS)
  • Deploying Intune on all a client’s devices 
  • Migrating a client’s emails to Microsoft 365 
  • Helping a client move premises and rebuild their network at the new site 
  • Migrating servers (both physical and cloud) 
  • Replacing a business’s phone lines with VoIP

These are just some of the large projects we have helped to complete. If you’re currently considering taking on a project that you don’t see listed here, we can still almost certainly help with it. Speak to our team to learn more about our project management service for MSPs.

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