MSP Mentoring

New to the world of running an MSP? Even with expert technical knowledge and a great team, running an MSP is never easy. While expertise is useful, experience is vital. That’s why our mentoring team includes mentors with over a decade of experience running successful MSP businesses in both the UK and the US.

What Does A Mentor Provide For An MSP?

A mentor provides knowledge about his or her own MSP’ success and the challenges they faced. They can offer direction, inspiration, emotional support, and role modelling. A mentor can help with…

  • Business Development
  • Setting Goals
  • Networking
  • Advice
  • Identifying Opportunities & Risks

Experience vs Expertise

Expertise and passion are important factors in any business, but they’re often not enough to guarantee success. Often, people will start a business based on something they are knowledgeable about (like IT) even if they don’t have the relevant business experience. The problem is, you often don’t know what skills or knowledge you’re lacking until it’s too late. 

At Growth MSP, our MSP mentoring service brings our team’s experience and combines it with your expertise and passion. We make sure to match you with a mentor that has experience with clients, projects, and challenges which are similar to the ones you are dealing with.

Our MSP Mentorship Team

Our MSP mentorship team includes Dave King and Jeremy Huson, co-founders of the Carden IT Services, a managed IT services and support provider. While operating solely in the UK, today its US counterpart Carden IT Services LLC also provides MSP services to New York businesses from its Manhattan office. Between the two founders there is nearly 30 years of experience running successful MSP businesses.

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