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The suggestion is in the name, Powershell is well….. powerful. So much so, that when installing Windows, you can even choose not to even include the GUI and run everything via shell. With this, pretty much anything you can achieve with a mouse, you can achieve with Powershell, and what this brings is a wealth of opportunity when it comes to automation.

In this library, we share some of the scripts we use, have used, and are in development to use, so you can try them yourself. Disclaimer – you do so at your own risk, and these have only been used in our lab.

These scripts can really help you drive a profitable MSP, reducing manual processes, and can be especially useful when attaching them to events inside your RMM.

3cx compromised
April 1, 2023Knowledgebase 7900

3CX Compromised – How to Uninstall via your RMM

It has been a tough week for MSPs who supply 3CX as part of their package offerings. And a lesson learnt to those who’s EDR tools flagged the compromise, and they decided to whitelist it as a false positive.

For those that don’t know, the issue started when a few MSPs posted on various forums that the latest 3CX app had been flagged as containing a threat actor. More of that can be read on the Huntress post: https://www.huntress.com/blog/3cx-voip-software-compromise-supply-chain-threats

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December 14, 2022Knowledgebase 10

Remove Old and Install Latest 3CX Client

Standardisation makes managed IT support easier. So, it helps if every one of your users has the latest version of the software you support installed. Luckily, some programmes can be easily installed or updated remotely using a script. 

Let’s see how you can quickly update all the endpoints you manage to the latest version of 3CX. 

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