Scott Dunkerton


Experience: 4 years
Skills: Sales, Account Management, Service Delivery, Engineering

    About Me

    Scott has been working in the MSP industry for over 10-years, starting as a 1st line technician and working his way through the ranks becoming Director of Carden IT Services back in 2018. During this time, Scott has not only developed technically but has also gained excellent customer service and account management skills.


    As one of the Directors at Carden IT Services, working closely with Teams Leaders and Department Managers to ensure sales, service delivery and customer service is of upmost importance.

    Account Management is a core activity of any MSP. Working with our clients closely to ensure they are up-to-date with the latest enterprise-grade technology is a key focus of ours. This ensures that our clients are both secure and well-maintained.

    We maintain this close relationship with regular, non-sales like communication.


    Management 90%
    Analytics 75%
    Consultation 53%
    Engineering 61%
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