Jeremy Huson


Experience: 15 years
Skills: Sales. Account Management, Service Delivery, Engineering

    About Me

    Jeremy is co-founder of Carden IT Group, and has over 15 years experience in running an MSP, both in the UK and the USA. Jeremy loves a sale, and is pretty much a guy who likes to help anyone. This is why when we formed Growth MSP, we had work straight away, as he is already connected to many MSPs around the globe.


    Sales is simply what Jeremy loves. But he also has a high priority in delivering value. Add these both together, and you can save a lot of money on marketing.

    Managing accounts is a core activity of any MSP. Happy customers will be retained, and this is often through regular, non sales like communication. Jeremy always ensure all QBRs are met with a high standard.

    Building a team can be tough, you need to get the right ingredients. But if you do, a great team will deliver a great service. Jeremy has helped build a team which does just that.


    Management 90%
    Sales 98%
    Consultation 98%
    Team Building 90%
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