Dave King


Experience: 4 years
Skills: Sales, Account Management, Engineering

    About Dave

    Dave started working in the MSP industry in 1999, which has seen his career go from 1st line support through to engineering, account management and sales. Today he is the co-founder of Carden IT Group, which has been established for 15 years, and has a wealth of experience in running an MSP, from delivering good support, time effective projects and customer management.


    In an MSP, management isn’t just about managing a team. It is about managing sales, service delivery, security and more. It can be a tough ride if you don’t get things right, and leveraging automation is key. This is Dave’s primary objective, to automate as much as possible, which in turn provides time for good management.

    Dave knows what MSPs are expected to deliver in order to retain clients. However, it is also important to not have too many clients too cheaply. Balance is key.

    Always the technician! Dave is actually in his happiest moments when onsite or installing\migrating something. From Netware in 1999, to Office 365 in 2023, Dave is happy to work on anything technical, and has a wealth of experience doing so.


    Management 95%
    Team Building 85%
    Consultation 90%
    Technical 90%
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