Callum Todd


Experience: 8 years
Skills: Engineer

    About Me

    Callum has been working within the MSP industry for nearly 8 years, starting from a 2nd line support position, progressing to engineering, and finally managing technical personnel when he works on upskilling others ranging from 1st line dispatchers to 3rd line engineers.

    He can also be found planning large engineering projects, system upgrades, and liaising with clients to manage deliverables.


    Working with technicians from lots of different pathways into IT gives you a great understand of what works best and what doesn’t when building a team. The key to any great team is the knowledge you can share with them, when you demonstrate your own practices and help them through their own development, the possibilities are endless. Management doesn’t stop there – it’s about more than managing a team, its about looking after your clients and ensuring best practices are followed in all process, from sales, to engineering, to security.

    Successfully managing a project isn’t just about the technical side, the customer’s satisfaction has to come first. Through proper planning and a full technical assessment of all the tasks that need to be carried out, we can ensure the client fully understands the timeline and impact on their business, and that the whole process is correctly communicated to their own team. With the client properly informed, our team can do what we do best and ensure all the technical aspects are under control.

    Team building isn’t just an exercise to be scheduled, its something that you have to practice daily. A strong team is one that can rely on each other’s strengths and help overcome each other’s weaknesses.


    Management 90%
    Analytics 75%
    Consultation 53%
    Engineering 61%
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